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Cloud Services: Virtual is the New Real

Cloud computing brings on demand computing closer to reality. It has the potential to change the way IT hardware and various applications are purchased, designed and used. With its promise of scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, the primary benefit that cloud services extends to the businesses is greater business effectiveness at lower IT costs.

Cloudgraff with its comprehensive portfolio of amazingly elastic, highly secure cloud computing services has enabled organizations to cope with dynamically changing business environment in a cost effective manner. Accessible from anywhere anytime as long as connected to internet cloud helped increasing productivity individual and collectively the businesses.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which involves the delivery of memory, storage and systems software
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) which provides virtualized servers on which a user can run programs, or develop new ones, without the need to use resources for the maintenance of operating systems and server hardware
  • Software as a service (SaaS) which allows users to access software over the internet through software that is developed and hosted by the software provider. The users are, therefore, not required to physically install any software on their computers.

Cloudgraff Cloud Services will revolutionize the way you utilize IT services with solutions that are more powerful, flexible, and affordable. Whether you are considering a private, public or hybrid cloud, our experts will customize the right set of cloud-based services to grow with your business.

Key benefits of adopting cloud services:

  • Be more productive, mobile, agile, and focused
  • Easy access from any device, anywhere — all you need is internet access
  • No large capital outlays; simply pay for what you use, when you use it
  • One-call support to DG Cloud services
  • Easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to try with no need for a large IT staff


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Client Feedback

"Cloudgraff is a skilled and valued partner they enabled us to deliver globally consistent IT services."

Pete Morris
Chief Information Officer
Retail Industry


“I am very impressed with the quality of Cloudgraff’s staff and processes, we’ve achieved high standard results”

Steve Nadar
eCommerce Solutions


"I take this opportunity to thank Cloudgraff for doing an exceptional job in assisting us to launch our web portal on time and allocated budget ."

Alok Gupta

Telecommunication Industry