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Cloudgraff a provide services for cloud migration with Google App.

When making the transition to cloud-based solutions for messaging and other collaborative data, we know that one of the top priorities on any IT manager’s To-Do List is the safe, secure transfer of legacy company data. Cloudgraff migrations teams have spent years honing a precise, dependable process for migrating everything from archived emails to calendars, contacts and other key data sets to Google’s secure Cloud servers.

With Cloudgraff, You Can Migrate to Gmail from :

1-Microsoft Exchange :

Organizations leaving Microsoft Exchange for Google Apps are ready to leave behind a rigid, old-fashioned legacy platform for an IT solution that is as efficient as it is innovative. Our migration experts know the various factors that need to be considered when coming from Exchange and are tuned in to the unique needs of former Exchange users. Read about how School of Rock improved IT efficiency and company-wide collaboration by moving to Google Apps.

2-Lotus Notes :

One of the unique strengths of Cloudgraff is that we were Lotus experts before we were Google experts. With over 25 years of combined Lotus/Domino system administration, application development, operations and support experience, our Lotus veterans will understand the unique requirements of your environment, regardless of your current Lotus Notes/Domino platform version or total number of users. Read about how BI-LO cut costs and increased productivity by Going Google.

3-Novell GroupWise :

Novell GroupWise migrations require special comprehensive planning and configuration. Detailed experience with the GroupWise post office and eDirectory are required to succeed with any migration. We also offer the Cloud Google Migrator, a migration tool specifically for GroupWise that’s highly configurable to your environment.


Cloudgraff can also help migrate your organization off of the Zimbra platform. Whether you need to migrate open source solutions like OpenLDAP and Postfix or commercial products like Zimbra, our experts understand the fundamentals of Messaging, ensuring your mail, calendar and contacts will be preserved as they are migrated to Google Apps.

5-Another Google Apps Domain:

Many companies, particularly those that have recently undergone a merger or acquisition, require the consolidation of individual Google Apps domains that includes mail and other data. Cloudgraff has the expertise to help you smoothly complete this unique type of migration.

6-From Anything:

Cloudgraff experts know how to migrate your mail and data from nearly any legacy platform into the cloud. We’ve completed thousands of migrations that include more than a million users. Put simply, we understand the fundamentals of Messaging, and look forward to working with you on your migration to Gmail. Read how Cloudgraff moved InternetNZ‘s messaging systems to the Cloud to become more collaborative, efficient and mobile.




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"Cloudgraff is a skilled and valued partner they enabled us to deliver globally consistent IT services."

Pete Morris
Chief Information Officer
Retail Industry


“I am very impressed with the quality of Cloudgraff’s staff and processes, we’ve achieved high standard results”

Steve Nadar
eCommerce Solutions


"I take this opportunity to thank Cloudgraff for doing an exceptional job in assisting us to launch our web portal on time and allocated budget ."

Alok Gupta

Telecommunication Industry